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Digital crack inspections 

Ditch the Paperwork, Embrace Efficiency: MechSim3D Makes Inspections Digital

MechSIm3D field inspection software suite includes a powerful module that lets you digitize inspections – from routine preventive maintenance checks and daily pre-starts to in-depth mechanical and structural reliability inspections – into user-friendly 3D digital formats.

L click = Moves

R click = Pan

Wheel  = Zoom

  • Empowering Inspectors: informed decision-making during inspections.

  • Real-Time Data.  Say goodbye to delayed reports. Digital inspections offer real-time data access

  • Eliminate Paper-Based problems: No lost or damaged files, tedious data entry, and human errors become a thing of the past.

Informed decisions

  • Faster, More Accurate Data Capture: Eliminate manual data transcription. reduces errors in data collection.

  • Data Consistency & Accessibility:  Readily accessible to teams, anytime, anywhere.

  • Portability & Availability: Cloud-based  Access across multiple devices, in the field or at the office.  On or offline

Streamlined Workflow 

  • Holistic Fleet Management:  Entire fleet's condition on a single, intuitive dashboard.

  • Trend Analysis: Track patterns over time

  • Improved Maintenance Planning: digitization and single point collection of data 

Data-Driven Insights

  • Improved Audit Documentation: Digital trail for all inspection activities and compliance processes.

  • Streamlined Warranty Claims: Digital records expedite and strengthen warranty claims with readily available inspection data.


Benefits of digital inspections  

Custom built applications to inspect any equipment 

Digital Checklists - PM tasks carried out digitaly using tablets and phones, complete instructions are provided and measurements, images and comments recorded

  • Crack tracking

  • Wear measurement 

  • Record condition

  • Replacement date

Dump Bodies
  • Crack mapping

  • Record wall damage

  • Track and measure wear package

  • Forecast replacement

Buckets & Booms 
  • Condition reports 

  • Crack mapping 

  • Crack status

  • Overall condition

  • Bore measurement

  • Stress checks 

  • NDT

  • Condition monitor

Inspection Workflow Steps   

Discover how investing in our cutting-edge technology can boost your savings and reduce downtime with our intuitive ROI calculator

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